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MARCH, 2015
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Welcome to Outside the Camp! This is a place for you whether you can only spare thirty minutes or you have the whole day; I hope to be able to help you maximize your available time by preparing this place for you so that you can be free to have only one thing on your mind. You. I want you to be comfortable as you cry, or as you worry, so that you can relax and observe. I am convinced that what you are feeling right now is what this part of your period was created for. It was not created for you just to ignore or endure but for you to enjoy. Well, perhaps I should say for you to enjoy the fruit of it! Consider these times to be some of the many hues of just one color being woven into the rich emotional texture that make you unique.

This part of your cycle is rich in sadness and anger. You can feel the depth and breadth of your fears and worries like no other time. There will be no other time during this cycle that you can again express or even recall the depth of thought and expression that you are experiencing right now. In fact, in a few days when (if) you look back, you are likely to wonder what you were so upset about.

This is not a day to pamper or indulge yourself, but to comfort and to take care of yourself by meeting your most basic emotional needs. That is what being Outside the Camp is all about!
One thing is certain. Your emotions really are raw. You need a short time for yourself but it probably feels like too much effort to pull it all together. That is why I have prepared this kit for you. I wish I could be there to heat the water for your tea, and run the water in your bath, because I know that of all times those are things that you do not want to be doing right now. I have put together a CD with some prompts along the way to take you through the next 30 minutes or so. So, with just a little preparation, you can begin to enjoy being Outside the Camp and can begin to hone the tools to Seize the Seasons of your life in unimaginable ways.
Start by putting some water on for tea. While that’s happening, Click on the "sounds" menu (upper left menu links). It is intended to play while you bathe, grab a towel and robe if you wish, light the candles in a safe place. The first 12 minutes of the CD are the sounds of ocean waves. That’s your prep time. Check on your tea. Two minutes of beach sounds ... that’s when you should be putting in your bath salts and stepping into the tub, tea and stick of honey in your hand.
The CD will continue to have prompts until you have finished.

This will be your observant time. Pay particular attention to what you are thinking and feeling becasuse you will be journalling after the bath. Finish your bath, relax, focus, and finish the music.

There are journalling suggestions in the box at the right. You have a notebook and pencil in your comfort box.

Questions / Comments? e-mail otc@seizetheseason.com